Drums of War /// LearningToDive

“Drums of War” is a new single by alternative artist LearningToDive. LearningToDive is to be understood as an alternate identity for the artist Bravo Bonez. Currently residing in New Zealand, LearningToDive works as an outlet for Bonez to touch on more serious subject matter within his music, while maintaining all writing responsibilities and most of the production as well. 

The song opens with a slow tempo drum part and ominous keyboards. The lyrics focus on war and the irreplaceable harm that it causes on the victims and their whole communities. His vocals fit the mold of the song well, and this ominous tone is maintained throughout the whole track. Additional vocals are added near the end, echoing the title of the song. He sings about refugees leaving and animals dying, other consequences of war that have huge impacts on millions of people. 

LearningToDive has always had a cynical view on war, but the recent escalation of the Russo-Ukrainian War affected him. He strongly believes Ukraine has the right to protect itself, but that doesn’t fix the destruction and loss of life that the war has caused. “The drums of war start, means another going home,” he sings. It is common tradition during war to honor the deceased for giving their lives for duty. LearningToDive is highlighting this with the title of the track.

“Drums of War” is the first single from an upcoming new EP by LearningToDive. He released the debut album “Norwegian Pop” for LearningToDive in 2021. 






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