Scorpio /// The Silent Era

No one warns you about the sharp pangs of reconciliation that arise in the wake of a breakup. It’s a battle between the head and the heart to not backslide into the toxic place you’ve left behind. Sometimes, the effects of relationship withdrawal will lead you back into their clutches as you’re itching for your next emotional fix. London alt-rock band The Silent Era’s new single, “Scorpio,” is a hard hitting, grungy track that tests your willpower against an addictive relationship. 

Control is the central theme of “Scorpio.” Even after breaking things off with someone, there’s an undeniable hold that they still have over them. It’s waiting for you to slip up and allow them entry to infiltrate your heart once more. Once they’re in, they spread themselves like a virus, gaining autonomy over them in the process. They are the vector and you are their host.

Regular readers of PopFad already know about lead singer Bri Macanas’ incredible vocal prowess from her appearances with The Silent Era as well as The Midnight Vortex. On “Scorpio,” Macanas’ performance is the very soul of the entire song. These vocals tie together the dark ambience of being consumed by someone else’s malignancy. As always, Macanas turns in another stellar showing with how incredibly raw her voice can be here.

For the most part, “Scorpio” is a straight up, battering ram of grungy energy. This fiery clash of basslines and riffs end up colliding in an explosive fury to match the emotional struggle at play. Altogether, it wants to shake and rattle your nerves, fraying them to the brink of pure anxiety. 

Written by Travis Boyer






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