Crazy /// Carson Ferris

Carson Ferris, an artist and songwriter based in Utah, released his latest track called “Crazy” on June 16th. This fantastic tune was able to follow in the footsteps of his previous single titled “Speed Limit.”

“Crazy” has a rich introduction with an accompaniment that is compelling and atmospheric. With expressive vocals from Carson himself, the sounds of all instruments involved were able to make the track melodious for all to hear. As the track continues to progress, Carson was able to give his intended audience a reason to be determined to follow their dreams when it comes to doing what it is that they want to do, regardless of what is being said to them.

Speaking of “Crazy,” Carson states in his own words that this track is “actually about my passion for music and how I’m determined to make it as a musician, no matter what anyone says.” 

If you’re looking for an artist that continues to achieve their goals, no matter what is being shared by others, then Carson Ferris is your go-to artist. “Crazy” seems like a real promise as the track is able to offer new and current listeners the opportunity to follow their hearts, being able to follow their dreams of becoming something or someone that they have always wanted to be without having anyone slow them down. While the performance quality of “Crazy” was high throughout, the track was tuneful and catchy overall as Carson continues to share his awesome talent while having the potential to reach each and every single person that intends to listen.

Written by Sherryl Citera






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