Photo By: Danielle Ernst

No matter what, every first step in life is certain to be born out of naivety. Also, almost assuredly, there will be bumps in the road that will be later regarded as lessons. In addition, through experience, you develop a natural resilience because you have been through it before. On “She,” the title track of her upcoming debut album, Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Lili Joy explores how youth and inexperience, even if you don’t realize it at the moment, are among the greatest teachers we have at our own disposal.

According to the 20-year-old, former The Voice contestant, “She” is a “love letter” to her “past, present and future self.” Primarily, this track focuses upon knowing where you’ve been as a road map to where you’re going. It’s your internal GPS re-calibrating based on any detour that may arise along the way. The proof is in the emotional data, but only if you accept its findings.

“She” twirls about on a dream pop-based, cotton candy soft rock melody that tosses in a few coarse riffs for good measure. In addition, there’s an unmistakably ethereal calm that emanates from Joy’s vocals, casting aside any worries that dare bubble their way towards the surface. 

Especially when you’re young, all of the preparation in the world cannot prepare you for hardship. “She” acknowledges that fact and takes the next step of using it as motivation to come back stronger the next time. Instead of allowing her mind to be clouded by apprehension, she strikes back and lets it “fuel” her.     

As she embarks upon releasing her debut album in July, Lili Joy kicks off with a sweet taste of dream pop-infused comfort food in the form of “She.” Altogether, “She” inspires feelings of self-acceptance and fortifying your inner strength along the way.

Written by Travis Boyer






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