Everything I Do /// A Lens To The Sun

Sometimes, you might take a look around your own life and wonder, is this all there is? Over time, the sparkling optimism of endless possibilities begins to wane and is replaced by a drab shade of pessimism. In the end, all greater aspirations are put on indefinite hold due to a newfound sense of malaise. San Diego rockers A Lens To The Sun’s latest single, “Everything I Do,” is about being stuck in the proverbial rut as your life’s progress becomes increasingly stagnant. However, concurrently, this ambitious style of alternative rock strives to stave off monotony for as long as possible.

“Everything I Do,” which was the first of a series of releases scheduled for once every six weeks until the band’s impending album release, separates itself from the woe is me lot because it opts against solely being drenched in a monsoon of dreary reverb. Aside from being driven by a heavily imposing bass, it weaves a melodic tapestry tied together through contemplative chords and, eventually, a subtly symphonic flourish in the track’s final quarter. Clearly, based on composition alone, “Everything I Do” is partially against giving the listener more of the same dejected brand of mopiness.

On the lyrical flip side, “Everything I Do” is about the monotony of life and dealing with losing the personal plot of where you are supposed to be. Now, it’s not as existential as seeking out the meaning of life. It’s much more commonplace in the sense of if you’re running a race, but you’re only jogging in place. Whether it be personal goals or a relationship, all of it becomes imprinted with an indelible question mark. 

What isn’t questionable is how A Lens To The Sun is able to find the drive to create an enterprising sound around a lyrical theme of languishing in boredom. “Everything I Do” delights in the dour while maintaining a level of moodiness without having to sob buckets in the process. 

Written by Travis Boyer






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