Could I Stay Here? /// Loose Bolts

There are, seemingly, endless ways to describe what it is to be in love. Perhaps, it can be boiled down to chemistry as if the bond between two people can be elementally distilled down to a simple reaction. Or, love could feel so preordained that it is written in the stars for the both of you. However, finding a singular connection is not without its hang-ups. Nashville indie rock artist Loose Bolts’ new single, “Could I Stay Here?” grapples with biding their time in the eternal waiting game of love. A bit of indie pop rock, all lovesick, this lead track from the upcoming EP “Temerity” wonders if they will ever find harmony with another.

At first, everything starts out very ethereal from the delicate and dreamy guitar to the willowy vocals by Ian Brice, the mastermind behind this project. However, as the melody flows along, there’s a progressive uptick in tempo, as if to replicate what it is to exponentially spin out over someone. However, all of this pent up frustration is erased by a sudden hush, followed by a wiry acoustic set of the last verse to serve as a muted, final plea. 

“Could I Stay Here?” touches upon the elusiveness of being on the exact emotional wavelength as another human being. Even though you both agree to “take it slow,” it might as well be glacial. As a result, you feel incomplete because they aren’t ready to take that next step that you are more than ready to make. Altogether, you reflect upon “each letter, every note” as if they will solve this indomitable, heart shaped puzzle. In the end, all you’re left with is a nagging earworm as a sonic reminder of what could’ve been.

On “Could I Stay Here?”, Loose Bolts experiences the increased difficulty of being on the same page while in love. After all, if it were to be scripted, it wouldn’t be worth the read. Altogether, “Could I Stay Here?” writes the book on dealing with a lack of sentimental synchronicity.

Be sure to check out the premiere of Loose Belts’ official music video for “Could I Stay Here?” featured below. Also, be on the lookout for the forthcoming release of his EP, “Temerity,” this Fall.

Written by Travis Boyer






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