Go For Broke /// Digital Tapestry

“Go For Broke” is the new single by artist Digital Tapestry. This track will get you on your feet dancing, with an exciting drum part and catchy synths. The vocals fit the track well, and complement the pop vibe that envelopes the song. The melody and production create a sound welcoming of peace and love. 

The lyrics of “Go For Broke” focus on overcoming the problems we face to keep fighting for love. “Let’s go for broke in this winding road, even though we know it will curve and bend,” he sings on the chorus. This feel good pop song raises spirits and inspires, and is well self contained. 

The message of the song is to give it everything you have, cause things won’t be perfect, and when some obstacle is in the way, you must face it. Even though it is a long road to navigate, you have to persevere. That way you won’t have many regrets and you can say you did your best. Things won’t always go your way but it’s about how you respond to that adversity that counts the most. 

Digital Tapestry said this about the track. “This song is a fun little summer bop about sticking it out in a relationship even when the going gets tough. Perfect for the summer,” he said. When things aren’t going your way, take a deep breath and focus on what comes next. They have released three singles to date, including “The Little Things” and “I’m The One.”

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