Euphoria /// Hilary Roberts

Texas-based singer-songwriter, Hilary Roberts, was able to release her latest track called “Euphoria” on June 9th. This fantastic tune was able to follow in the footsteps of the remixes to her 2022 single titled “Free.”

“Euphoria” was able to have a compelling introduction with a smooth and rhythmic accompaniment. With rich vocals from Hilary herself, the sounds of all and any instruments involved made the track melodic for all to hear. As the track continues to progress throughout, Hilary gives her intended audience a reason to look back on finding every moment to cherish the younger years that they have experienced as time passes.

Speaking of “Euphoria,” Hilary states that she wants this track “to bring the listener back to a place of pure joy. That euphoric carefree feeling of being a kid again and finding the beauty in every moment.”

If you’re looking for a singer-songwriter who is able to share the feeling of nostalgia and look back on memories, as well as enjoy life’s moments, then Hilary Roberts is your go-to singer-songwriter. “Euphoria” seems like a real promise as the track was able to offer meaningful lyrics, giving the listeners an opportunity to look back on some of their most precious memories as they take a moment to hold on to the memories that have meant the most to them while finding a place of happiness in their hearts. While the performance quality of this track is high throughout, the track is melodious and tuneful overall as Hilary continues to share her incredible talent with those who listen.

Written by Sherryl Citera






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