Peter Parker /// The Sleepy Haunts

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One of the effects of our current, superhero obsessed culture is searching for a real-life, altruistic counterpart to those who routinely save the day on our screens. Not because, fingers crossed, we would be in dire need of rescue while dangling off a bridge, but for the safety of knowing someone out there is in your corner. On their first release since 2020, Seattle indie rock band The Sleepy Haunts draw inspiration from the alter ego of everyone’s favorite web swinging hero on their new single, “Peter Parker.” Written by lead singer Gillian McMahon after feeling “emotionally wrecked” by “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” the self-anointed “your mom’s favorite bubble grunge band” delivers an energetic yet introspective turn at projecting heroic qualities onto everyday people.

On the melodic front, “Peter Parker” is a hyper torrent of serotonin-inducing pop rock that incorporates some biting bass lines and gritty riffs into the mix for good and moody measure. Not to mention, the added spice of fervent drums that rise up amongst it all. Living up to the aforementioned “bubble grunge” aesthetic, “Peter Parker” is vibrantly upbeat, but contains an inescapable, edgy undercurrent. In addition, McMahon delivers up some impassioned, sparkling vocals to reflect the buoyant pop side of this track.

Initially, “Peter Parker” is about having superhuman levels of admiration for someone, while searching for your confidence. Instead of a costumed crusader, you found a friend who empowers you to be more than you may think you are. Instead of giving into a cursed inferiority complex, you become the hero of your own story through discovering the courage to be yourself. Altogether, “Peter Parker” is about appreciating that someone has your back, gaining a newfound strength because of their compassion.

Nowadays, we all love a classic origin story because of the clarity of purpose it provides. Similarly, “Peter Parker,” was born of the emotional cataclysm that befell the MCU’s Peter Parker portrayed by Tom Holland in “No Way Home.” As a result, The Sleepy Haunts send up a feel good pop rock tribute to the selflessness of the person behind the hero, seeking out a simpler standard of kindness in others.

Written by Travis Boyer





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