“Low” is a new single by artist goodcry. This alternative rock track has piercing guitars and self reflecting lyrics. goodcry is located out of Canada. It has an upbeat melody and has an uplifting feel, but the serious lyrics contrast from that tone. 

Coming in at three minutes and 26 seconds, “Low” can inspire the listener to evaluate their own lives and relationships. “I thought it was time, time to fall in love. I thought it was right, and tell me why I feel so low?” he sings on the chorus. Synthesizers add complementary harmonies to the guitar melody. The lyrics reflect on a failed relationship, and the fallout of that situation. 

The verses touch on specific occurrences in the relationship, and may or may not have played a role in the result, but those details are worthy of note nonetheless. “Three days we didn’t talk and right before my show. Your brother showed up and tried to break my nose,” he sings. In the end, miscommunication and other issues lead to the unraveling of this relationship. He doesn’t like how that makes him feel, those thoughts and feelings drag him down, resulting in this feeling of being low. 

At the end of the song, the guitar part takes over and delivers an outro to wrap up the track with chords. goodcry has released one other single to date, titled “Rosemary.” More is on the way soon from goodcry, aka Spencer Hoyt, and there’s a music video for “Low.”

FOLLLOW goodcry:





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