Bed Of Roses /// Jane N’ The Jungle

Photo By: Jim Louvau

In every relationship, there’s a natural expectation of a healthy give and take between two partners. Unfortunately, equity in love is often difficult to achieve. If you can’t meet at or near the middle, this invisible wedge will only serve to push either one of you to the edge. On their new single, “Bed Of Roses,” Phoenix alt-rock band Jane N’ The Jungle become unraveled at the seams as their limits are put to the test by an aloof partner. Rightfully jilted, this hard rockin’ anthem is brimming with resentment for being emotionally left in the lurch.

From the get go, “Bed Of Roses” arrives with purposeful bass lines and chords, sharply, but steadily ratcheting up the initial tension. Eventually, this track turns up the dial with a majestic whirlwind of a breakdown leading up to the moment when singer Jordan White starts to slip into a sweet, yet verging on despondent, finale. Instead of uncontrollably thrashing its way through the bubbling rage from within, “Bed Of Roses” is strategic; not always letting the moment get the best of them, but saving it as fuel for the right moment. 

Essentially, “Bed Of Roses” is a song for when you’re primed to be loved and are expecting all of the finer things that follow. However, your partner is unwilling to be as giving as you had hoped. Following along with White’s cadence in concert with parts of the song’s tempo, it represents the slow deconstruction of self-esteem as you’re being worn down, bit-by-bit. However, in the end, it’s not about wallowing in self-pity or running away to cry in private. It’s about turning to face them, showing them the wreck they have made. 

On the band’s newly released visualizer, White is featured with mini roses adorning her face, which are artfully contrasted with shots of her smeared ruby lipstick being further smudged in moments of grief. Altogether, it defines “Bed Of Roses” to a tee; transitioning from the desire for love to bloom, but end up wiping away the cosmetic to reveal the harsh reality of it all.

Written by Travis Boyer






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