Melancholy Daydream /// Galaxy Shores

“Melancholy Daydream” is a hot new single by alternative artist Galaxy Shores. The song opens with a mesmerizing guitar with popping drums and funky bass guitar. Combining the sound of rock with a dream pop flair, this track is reminiscent of bands like Tame Impala or Slowdive. 

The effects added to the guitar add depth to the track, and the melodies are catchy, and formulate a cohesive song where the lyrics touch on reflection and pursuit of a purpose. “The bittersweet comfort of what I know, afraid to step outside the lines. Familiar patterns nothing to show, but I’ll never fail If I never never truly try,” he sings. The synthesizers join the fun for a mini solo after the first verse, and a guitar solo takes center stage near the end of the song.

This song is laid back and chill, yet it also has a forward looking perspective and energy to keep movement going forward. Even though the song is over four minutes long, it continues to evolve and stays catchy until time is expired. Quite like an actual daydream, this track thinks of the future and about how to move forward even when things get tough. “I’ve got a good thing going, so it must be a matter of when. Finally something showing, will it blow up in my face again,” he sings.

Galaxy Shores was created by Josh Herren, and he writes and produces everything for their songs. However he has a full band for live performances. They released their debut self-titled EP in 2022, and “Melancholy Daydream” is the first single from their upcoming debut album.

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