Navigator /// Monroe Moon

Whether it be on an open road or the high seas, every journey is defined by the risk of the unknown. After gambling with your comfort, there often can be no turning back. At this time, Monroe Moon is embarking upon a new, creative adventure. Aside from joining forces with Bohemia Music and Orchard Records, the band have experimented with a much heavier, edgier rock-centric sound than they have ever produced before on their new single, “Navigator.”

“I’ve never made rock n’ roll before,” lead singer Bunny Monroe said of “Navigator.” For their first foray into the rock sphere, Monroe Moon offers up a slightly industrialized, alt-rock sound that begins rather dark and brooding. However, it is all a preamble for some lively, ragged riffs to emerge. Altogether, “Navigator” could not be further from Monroe Moon’s pop side. However, that is not to say this gritty and raw introduction to their rock venture is any less engaging.

On previous releases such as “WAR” or “New Utopia,” Monroe Moon reinforced critical thinking about issues such as war or media influence through their songwriting. However, the mantra of “Navigator” is much more simplified and open-ended. Mirroring the myriad of changes the band has undergone, it is a song about embarking upon a journey, likely into the unknown. More or less, it’s a nothing ventured, nothing gained mentality that guides this particular voyage. Much like Monroe Moon making the decision to step out of their comfort zone, “Navigator” is about captaining your own fate by going your own way.

A significant amount of courage is needed to change directions of what you’re creating. For Monroe Moon, it’s a brave new world in which they aspire to stake a new artistic claim. As it turns out, “Navigator” could be foundational for Monroe Moon’s new residence as rock artists.

Written by Travis Boyer






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