On The Daily /// Danny Onionz

“On The Daily” is a new single by rapper Danny Onionz, featuring Westside Boogie. The beat is inspiring with the guitar riff and a boom bap beat. The hook describes the up and down mood that life can put us through. It has a midwest Hip-Hop style, and Danny Onionz comes from Chicago, Illinois, with a hint of west coast sound. 

On the first verse, Danny Onionz raps about coping with the ups and downs, and contemplating why he is feeling that way. His delivery and flow fit well on the beat, and the lyrics all connect to the overall meaning of the song.”Up and down, on the daily,” he repeats on the hook. This song acknowledges that we are human and don’t have to be perfect. The song is three minutes and 37 seconds long, and doesn’t waste any time throughout the duration of a listen.

On the last verse, Westside Boogie comes in and discusses his own struggles including social anxiety and identity issues. “Hard to be humble, I barely fit in society, scars on my knuckles from fight social anxiety,” he raps. Westside Boogie matches Danny Onionz message to make the overall song cohesive and flows elegantly. 

Check out Danny Onionz’s other songs, “1920s” and “One Day”. In the press release information about the “On The Daily”, he says that the song was originally inspired by Mac Miller’s song, “Small Worlds”, and is to inspire those suffering with mental health problems to not give up and that they aren’t alone. Also check out the music video for, “On The Daily”. The link to his YouTube page is at the bottom of this page.

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