HOMESICK /// Carley Varley

Carley Varley, an Alternative artist based in the United Kingdom, released her latest track, “HOMESICK” on October 13th. This rockin’ tune had followed in the footsteps of her previous single called “Envy.”

“HOMESICK” was able to have a creative introduction with an accompaniment that is rich and atmospheric. With powerful vocals from Carley herself, the sounds of any and all instruments involved in this rockin’ melody made this single strong and melodic. As this track continued to progress throughout, Carley was able to give her intended audience stories that others could, in many ways, possibly relate to.

Speaking of “HOMESICK,” it has been said that the track is able to send “a clear message” while also “being more pop/punk in nature.” 

If you’re looking for an artist who can create a rather melodious melody for their intended audience, Carley Varley is your go-to artist. “HOMESICK” seems like a real promise as the track’s expressive lyrics were able to get a glimpse into multiple stories that were told by others going through their own personal struggles, Carley included, and are able to provide the emotions that are able to go along with those stories. While the performance quality of “HOMESICK” was high throughout the entire melody, it was well-shaped overall as Carley is able to share her gifted talent with new and current listeners from all over the world, hearing her melodies from where they are all around the globe while continuing to relate to the intended message being shared.

Written by Sherryl Citera






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