Cut Me Open /// Jane N’ The Jungle

Photo By: Jim Louvau

At first, falling in love renews your own spirit under its new light of possibility. However, as with, virtually every human dynamic under the sun, insecurity finds a way to cast its ugly shadow. In reflection, every imperfection becomes hideously magnified against the polished image of who you adore. On their new single, “Cut Me Open,” alt-rock outfit Jane N’ The Jungle tries to satisfy an indomitable need to be loved by any means necessary, even if it means forcibly changing who you are.

A dark, brooding and, particularly, vicious anthem, “Cut Me Open” is unrelenting because of its thrashing guitar, hard hitting bass and pummeling drums. This triumvirate of terror creates a foreboding space upon which lead singer Jordan White’s lamenting vocals thrive. Altogether, “Cut Me Open” distills the internal rage of distorted self-image into a fiery display of open discontent. 

“Cut Me Open” is rooted in the inadequacy that follows falling in love. Instead of finding acceptance in who you are, it’s a song about turning into someone else to the point of becoming unrecognizable to yourself or anyone else. Lingering around the preordained realm of soulmates, “Cut Me Open” hints at a troubling sense of destiny that muddles any remaining shreds of self-concept. Altogether, “Cut Me Open” is about being at a loss for who you are and finding a new self that doesn’t resemble who you’ve been. 

On “Cut Me Open,” Jane N’ The Jungle delves into the issues surrounding the concessions we end up making for love. It’s about leaving yourself behind to become who you think they would want. Tapping into an extreme need for acceptance at any cost, White and Co. craft together a song for the anguished and the self-loathing alike.

Written by Travis Boyer






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