Indie Artist Round-Up

Independent artists are the lifeblood of the music industry. Support these five artists by giving their new songs a listen.

Kristina Lachaga- Love You More

In concert with its acoustics, singer-songwriter Kristina Lachaga’s single, “Love You More,” follows a tempo of a tapping kick drum. As part of its chorus, jangly accents resonate with each corresponding beat.

TheRealErdrickk – Neon Lights

“Neon Lights” by EDM artist TheRealErdrickk features the likes of high frequency synth, dulcet tones and a barrage of bass as part of its soundscape. One small Easter egg from this track’s beginning stages is a sudden, grinding noise reminiscent of the sound that comes in response to engaging a car’s ignition.

Tiana – Two Steps Forward

From the jump, “Two Steps Forward” by pop artist Tiana greets you with a series of jagged riffs compounded by a steady, percussive beat. Soon after, an echoing clap emerges to counter the bluntness of the aforementioned beat.

Alex Aureo – Swear To Defend

“Swear To Defend,” the debut single by Italian singer-songwriter Alex Aureo, slides between twinkling chords and furiously cascading acoustics. A tattoo artist by day, Aureo showcases his dexterity as a musician.

Andy Robbins – Glow

It can be argued that the prototypical singer-songwriter has become lost in the current soundscape inundated by electronic persuasions. Singer-songwriter Andy Robbins goes back to the plucky basics with his single, “Glow.”


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