Wandering Degenerate /// Joshua Pearlstein

“Wandering Degenerate” is a new song by Joshua Pearlstein. It uses pop and electronic influence to craft a catchy track with introspective lyrics. He describes a character who has a manic episode after not fitting into the business of Hollywood. 

There is a short keyboard intro before the beat and singing begin. During the verses, he describes the scene of an actor who can’t compete with the system. Then he starts to question his mental state. During the pre chorus, he starts to sell himself to the system so he can fit in, but it leaves him “wandering”. “My mind keeps playing lies, left the manic on replay. I can’t outlast my time, if by then I can’t repay,” he sings. The song is very melodic, but also has an element of darkness in the production. 

After the second chorus, he uses a bridge to further illustrate feelings about not belonging there. “Need to smile and sing, just to feel something. I’m wandering,” he sings. The word wandering represents how he goes from place to place, yet he can’t call any of those places home. His singing conveys the emotion of the lyrics, and is cohesive with the synthesizers and the drums. The songwriting is great and the execution of the recording is well done as well. You can feel how down the character is feeling during the song, the delivery of the lyrics fits the mood of the track. 

“Wandering Degenerate” is the second single released by Joshua Pearlstein. His first single is titled, “Heartless Binge”. 

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