Have you already scoured your ‘Release Radar’ on Spotify? Add these eight tracks to the mix, too.

kevin. stuff. and things. – Surrounded

“Surrounded” by singer-songwriter kevin. stuff. and things. is accented by wispy vocals as well as a knackering chatter of percussion. Altogether, “Surrounded” is an introspective pop song about “seeking out a quiet place” as a means of recharging one’s emotional battery.

Manuk – U Keep (Acoustic English Version)

“You keep playing love like a video game,” Spanish singer-songwriter Manuk laments on his single, “U Keep (Acoustic English Version).” Manuk’s charismatic vocals guide this ballad about realizing that you deserve better.

mzzltvv – Burning Bones

“Burning Bones” is a showcase of mzzltvv’s awesome vocal skills. Shortly after the three minute mark, the shining highlight appears in the form of an exquisite series of high notes leading up to a prolonged exultation during this particular interlude.

STITCH – Ruler

Philadelphia indie pop duo STITCH’s new track, “Ruler,” exists in diverse sonic universes. The significant divide is between a sequence of clicks and clacks versus the computational style of synth that emerges. Eventually, both sides end up colliding together as part of the final stint of “Ruler.”

Jeán et Joie – Glory Be

“Glory Be” by indie folk outfit Jeán et Joie crafts a largely minimalist soundscape populated by the likes of cascading, wiry chords, apprehensive snare percussion and faintly twinkling keys. Keep an ear out for the anticipated release of their EP, “Bramble.”

Joceline Thank You (Live Session)

In advance of her new album, French singer-songwriter Joceline has released a live performance of their song, “Thank You.” What is striking about this entire performance is how it evokes the thought of what discerns an artist from a performer. An artist leaves all the clues for you to discover within their creation. A performer is able to embody their work. In tandem with the ensemble around her, Joceline, enchantingly, becomes one with the song.

Eddie Witz And The Most High – In California

After an understated, initial intro of austere acoustics, delicate piano and staggered drums, “In California” by Eddie Witz And The Most High transitions into its first chorus of tumbling percussion as well as searing riffs. “I Am What I Am,” Witz’ inaugural EP, is coming soon to your favorite streaming service.

DJ Remo – Shine

As if influenced by the bass’ own resonance, the vocals featured on DJ Remo’s latest creation, “Shine,” respond by vibrating and, virtually, splintering into infinity. Another sonic formula direct from the lab of DJ Remo is set to arrive on June 21.


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