Al, a synth-pop duo based in Austin, Texas is composed of the brilliant duo Liz Feezor, the writer responsible for such great summer party songs, and Bobby Cheatham, who takes those lyrics and melodies to the DNATX Studio for mixing and recording. They came together, using their influences of Depeche Mode, David Byrne, Nine Inch Nails and more, to create the track we’ve all been needing: Prosper Park.

The three minute dance track opens up with a beat you can’t miss, that would stand anyone up to groove in the club. Immediately followed with strong, vibing vocals and lyrics directed at a special someone, that paint the scene for us. “It’s 99 by noon, you enter the room. There’s no heat like Augustine,” it’s a song that, like the lyrics, pulls us in like a dream. The opening is so sharp and attentive, yet it has a way of gliding into softer territory as we face the chorus, and by the time we’re singing along, we’ve already made it to Prosper Park hand in hand with Al.

With a very clear concept and a sexy captivating soundscape, Al makes sure to bring in the exact sounds we need to hear to live in the moment with them: elegant harmonies, funky bass lines, a catchy chorus. I wonder, would you lay with them in Prosper Park and feel the heat in Augustine? 

A song about what the youthful feeling of a spontaneous night and the right company can create, matched perfectly with lyrics and sound, is the perfect song for anytime, any day. 

Written by Yannick Mirko






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