Artist Interview: “Dance To The Rhythm” by Celestine Liu

Q: Your album “Liunique” has came out recently. What is the purpose of this album?

CELESTINE: The name of my new album “Liunique” comes from a combination of the word “unique” and my last name “Liu”. I’ve always been wanting to create a unique album that combines different musical styles together, so in this album I wrote five songs all in different genres: Indie-pop, Jazz, EDM (Moombahton), Classical, etc. I also sang in multiple ways – from using the mezzo-soprano voice in “Boba Tea” to the soprano voice in “The Gentle Wind”. This is really my first album that embodies my dream and passion, so it has a unique meaning to myself.

Q: There are clips of you doing opera performances on Instagram. How did you get your start in opera singing?

CELESTINE: I’ve always been interested in learning different vocal techniques and different forms of musical performances. When I was an undergraduate student, I learned how to sing in the traditional Chinese style. As I learned many Chinese opera, I became curious about western opera as well. After graduating from college, I looked forward to learning western opera and singing styles, so I decided to apply for a master’s program in vocal performance in the US, concentrating on learning opera singing.

Q: Are there some songs on the “Liunique” album that have opera elements?

CELESTINE: Yes! The song “The Gentle Wind” wind in my album is an art song and has many operatic elements in it. I collaborate with an Italian classical musician, who composed the piano accompaniment for me. I performed it with my mezzo-soprano voice and classical bel canto techniques. I told a love story, in which the main character is enjoying her gentle and sweet love.

Q: You went to the Shenyang Conservatory of Music for your bachelor’s degree. How has your teachings affected your musical style and/or creative process?

CELESTINE: When I was in college, I majored in the traditional Chinese singing style for four years. My undergraduate education laid a solid foundation for my musical career, as not only did I learn all the basic musical knowledge and vocal techniques, but I also had lots of opportunities to perform on stage. These experiences helped me gain a deep understanding of oriental music, and made me capable of creating new music. I also got to listen to lots of music in different styles, and got the idea of combining different kinds of music together.

Q: You have obtained a master’s degree in vocal performance. Do you have other interests or aspirations in the music industry outside of performing?

CELESTINE: In addition to performing, I would like to continue collaborating other musicians and artists and creating more new and fun music. I will keep trying to combine eastern and western music as well as vocal techniques in a more creative way in my works. I am planning to release more original songs in the form of singles or albums soon. Meanwhile, I will keep publicizing my works and make them seen by a broader audience.


Q: Where do you see your musical career 10 years from now?

CELESTINE: In 10 years, I hope to advance in my career in several aspects. I will continue to improve my composing and performing skills and create high quality works in many different genres. Hopefully I would have gained lots of performing experience on stage of my own works. I also look forward to building strong connections with other outstanding musicians in the industry, and I hope I will have a large and loyal fan base who really appreciate my works and support me.


Interviewed by Voncia Molock






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