A Little Bit Of Sunshine /// D Loono

A Little Bit Of Sunshine is the nostalgic debut track from D Loono, and the wistful lyrics truly define the atmosphere of this song. The amazing vocal performance combined with the enjoyable hyperpop production, creates a genuinely memorable piece of music. 

Remembering people we’ve lost in our lives is something that humans have to go through at multiple periods in a lifetime and this song perfectly encapsulates the happy feelings that we want to remember when someone has passed.  A Little Bit Of Sunshine was dedicated to their ‘dearly departed friend’; D Loono states, ”I wanted to reflect on the joyful aspects of her life and our friendship”, and they do a beautiful job. With lyrics like “You are the worth and I am the gold. You make me laugh until I lose control”, it truly summarizes the feelings that people get when reminiscing about loved ones. 

Apart from the lyrics, the production is also masterful. The production is very summery and light that acts as a nice counterbalance to the nostalgic lyrics. One of the standout moments is during the pre choruses where just a laugh track plays while D Loono sings “I make you laugh until you lose your mind” that leads into a big crash into the chorus. Also a nice touch throughout the song is the vocoder effects that were used on the vocals. It gives the song more life. 

Up and coming artist, D Loono created a beautiful hyperpop track that summarizes the feelings one can feel when trying to remember the happier times after losing someone. The songwriting is infectious. The production is powerful. The vocals are mesmerizing. This debut track could make anyone long for the euphoric feelings that were felt with a lost loved one.

Written by Marcus Smith






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