Classic Armstrong /// BLANKS

Blanks, a Netherland-based artist, has released their latest song, Classic Armstrong, which is an invigorating indie-pop track. With captivating melodies, fascinating production, and an enthralling vocal performance, this song feels like a breath of fresh air. 

“You’re stuck like a melody in my head” are the first lyrics that are sung and it sets the mood for the entire song. The lyrics throughout the song are very whimsical and have a free-ing sense to them such as “I’ll dance along, along to my stereo; make up moves just so I can let you know”. Ending the chorus with “You’re the perfect melody”, It feels as if Blanks is emancipating their feelings towards someone and it translates very well to the listener. 

The melodies and production are immensely riveting as well. The melodies invite you into this wonderful soundscape and make you believe you are in your own world, and it pairs so well with the production. The production, led by a charming guitar and delightful synth, truly elevates the experience of this song. There are plenty of stunning moments but one particular extraordinary bit is after the second chorus when there’s no lyrics and just the production playing through. It is a perfect outro to this song and creates this dreamscape of a moment. The outro resonates with hope and vulnerability, and wraps up the song effortlessly.   

With an essence of hope, freedom, and love, Blanks delivers a beautiful track that is enchanting yet exciting. Classic Armstrong flawlessly exhibits Blanks strengths and further cements their space in the indie-pop realm. This track is nothing short of magnificent. 

Written by Marcus Smith





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