Going Home feat. Lydia Clowes /// You, Me & Him

The duo You, Me & Him, is a collaborative project between Jim Newman and Max Goff, two musicians based in South-East London. They came together to create a contemporary folk album based around the minimal sounds created in the world of music using only the voice, acoustic guitar, and upright bass, which is where “Going Home feat. Lydia Clowes” can be heard.

The song opens up with soft guitar playing, then walks us into the scenery we stay in for the duration of the song: calming, and warming. It then opens up to the rest of our setting, with the upright bass beginning to carry the shape of the song with it’s rhythms, and vocals entering singing an octave away from each other. The mystical coming together of all of these forces is mesmerizing, and gives so much space for emotion in such an expansive way, without sounding void of anything. You can tell it’s a song that means a lot to the people playing and singing in it. It’s actually described incredibly well by one of the writers, Jim Newman:

“The song was written with a longing from my childhood memories to return to the place Max and I grew up in. I was reflecting on the differing attitudes between a slow paced country life and the city I was currently living in. It was important to have the contrast between these two attitudes and worlds represented in the music, with the driving pace of the song broken up by moments of calm at the beginning and end.”

Whether or not you’re already home, you’ve never felt at home, or you’re just starting to figure out what it means to you, the magic of ‘Going Home’ is worth adding to your library. 

Written by Yannick Mirko






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