Champagne Dreams /// Mishell Ivon

Everyone wants to feel their best, and Mishell Ivon takes those feelings and makes a magnificent song out of it. The latest track from Mishell Ivon titled “Champagne Dreams” is a feel-good nu-disco anthem that takes inspiration and elements from the past while still being distinctive to Ivon.

“Champagne Dreams” is full of lyrics that will make you feel on top of the world. “Forget them haters. Let them concentrate on everything we are and everything they ain’t” is one of the many standout lyrics that establishes the mood for the whole song. At all points during this song, anyone would feel empowered to be the best version of themselves.

The incredible lyrics are then backed and made more apparent by Mishell Ivon’s powerhouse vocal performance. During the verses, Ivon sings in a calm low undertone that resembles whispering which then leads to the explosive chorus with multiple vocal layers and harmonies. At multiple points during the chorus, Ivon confidently belts “champagne dreams” which secures the vocal performance. 

The production of this song is the perfect bow to wrap up this gift. This track is powered by the funky bass which unmistakably gives this song even more life. At one point during the song, the bass is even given its own part to just thrive. It just fills the song with so much vigor, and it is a notable element of this track. The production of “Champagne Dreams” is also filled with beautiful synths, drums and much more that give it that astounding disco-feel. It is just so groovy and it could start a “soul-train line”. 

Mishell Ivon flourished with “Champagne Dreams”. The lyrics and vocal performance give a sense of freedom while also being mesmerizing. The production gives it that classic disco-sound while also still being unique to Ivon. With empowering lyrics, a funky bass and production, and an enthralling vocal performance, Mishell Ivon unequivocally reverberates with triumph.

Written by Marcus Smith






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