Let’s Not Start a War /// In The Shallows

Let’s Not Start a War is the latest release of Wellington based folk rock/indie pop band In The Shallows, a track offering up silken sounds of harmonies that soar, vocals that mesmerize, and lyrics involved with intricate stories of “love, loss, connection, redemption and empowerment.”

The band, made up of Welsh singer-songwriter Danni Parsons and Kiwi rock and roller Lance Shepherd, came together to create a song similar to the likes in sound of Angus and Julia Stone in their folk rock nature, with it’s indie tendencies. With a powerful duo of guitar and drum kit holding down the groove, keys come in to give altering rhythms and add melodies to the spaces between lyrics, strong and clear about their intention: “until you’ve walked a mile in my shoes, maybe think before you choose to start a war.” 

The vocals of Parsons and Shepherd divide for the verses, allowing space for the calm tambor of her voice to take us through the emotional perspective she brings, and really expands in it’s grandiosity for the choruses, where he comes in to add harmonies, making a collective moment of glory, in an attempt to prevent chaos. 

In The Shallows seems to fit the lyrics into the sounds, and prove the point of thinking about the lives of others before moving forward with anger, in a powerful way, without sounding harsh about it – a hard task, but very well executed successfully in this track – making it great for myriads of spaces and situations.

Written by Yannick Mirko






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