Joyride /// Scott Rocco

Joyride is the latest release of award-winning Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Scott Rocco, and is an acoustic version of his song, originally released in 2018.

Scott wrote this song with “the optimism of conquering fear to become the best version of yourself” in mind. A cheerful ‘Congratulations!’ to the ones who’ve overcome their fears, and a ‘You’ve got this!’ for those who are on their way there, it’s a song that both sounds and feels like a smile. With the acoustic version riding completely on the coattails of the emotions in the performance, it’s a happy occurrence to be able to report that you can feel how proud of himself he is in his voice, and how much he wants to spread joy and success to everyone else too. 

The song is almost a coming home to oneself, finally accepting yourself and the ambitions you have, and chasing after them because it’s what makes you happy. The guitar playfully adds it’s own melodic themes, as well as carrying us harmonically, and Scott does a magnificent job of dueting with the guitar in energy, as if they’re connected as one instrument – you can hear the rock influence in both the playing and the singing, both very well performed.

Joyride is a track from the upcoming conceptual album “Ignited,” which was mostly inspired by a past relationship with a ‘very special person’, and is anticipated for release in 2022. If the album is similar to this song in it’s greatness, it’s an album worth pre-saving as soon as possible. 

Written by Yannick Mirko

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