Potholes /// ELLSWORTH

Potholes is the highly anticipated latest release of ELLSWORTH, the Denver-based folk singer-songwriter. Inspired by the seventies, she opens the passenger door to her car, and allows us to hop in for an epic adventure.

The chipper energy of the song flows beautifully into the sounds that welcome a ping ponging of attention for our ears (for example, certain guitar parts are reserved for the left ear only, with the keys accentuated on the right), a constant playful game, like the twists and turns of the roads you’re driving down on a sunny day, while this song blares through the speakers. 

A play on potholes on the road, the lyrics speak on things that can feel relatable. “Fill me up with the water from the river…fill me up with the touch of a lover. Fill me up.” Words are used in such a way in this song that allows us to really escape into the world of a perfect day, and it’s a remarkable experience and feeling. 

Potholes moves at a constant, steady pace, giving us room to breathe and run our fingers through the wind our motion is creating as we road trip into the stars. It’s a piece of art that beautifully illustrates our dreams, and makes them a reality. ELLSWORTH has immense talent for creating music, and is currently a finalist in the Opening Act Competition, which is currently open for voting! Her emotions and intentions show in her work, making this a song that is easy to become best friends with. 

Written by Yannick Mirko






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