Dynamite & Alcohol /// 1.0.8.

Dynamite & Alcohol is the newest release from 1.0.8., North Yorkshire based artist and maker of “northern based music and visual things.” The single will be included in the forthcoming twelve song LP “Devotion” due for release in February of 2022.

Described by 1.0.8. as “a psychedelic dreamlike meander through the wilderness of cinema, cowboys, and moonlit scenarios,” Dynamite & Alcohol takes us on a magical musical journey, reminding us of the whimsy in the world, and how we should appreciate it. With feel good lyrics like “the moon is love, shine on,” and a bouncing bass and percussion line, dancing in the moonlight is now feasible, with a mystical soundtrack to go along with it. 

The sounds of the song take you to an era of music almost, reminding you of the power pop evolution that involved albums like Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band by The Beatles, which infused Indian themes and instruments, like the sitar. It’s a blend of power pop, alternative/indie rock, and soundscapes that you just don’t want to miss, a journey you’d feel left out from if you didn’t listen.

As if it weren’t already enough, we’re also graced with the charming and attention-grabbing vocals of Andrew Stewart, the man behind 1.0.8. who has spent the last 18 months exploring and recording new material, and we hear the emotions come through the melodies, engulfing us fully in an incredible and fanciful world of peace and love. The moon is love, shine on. 

Written by Yannick Mirko

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