Sunshine in Our Life /// The ib

Sunshine in Our Life is a single from UK-based artist The ib that released earlier this year, a great song for the season and for our ears.

A lo-fi dream pop/indie rock sort of vibe carries the song above the clouds, as we listen and “catch a break from the things that are weighing us down.” We are lifted into the sky with a soft electric guitar and bass opener, that is slowly accompanied by a drum kit and soothing vocals, wishing to escape the very things that cause him exhaustion, as he sings our stresses away.

With an interest in many different genres of music, The ib tries to incorporate everything he loves inside of the music he makes, which we can hear in the collisions of genre in this song: the floating dream pop, the “grungy” indie rock, the soft singer-songwriter acoustics.

The ib normally makes his music alone: writing, recording, and producing the song from beginning to end (a process that can shift around depending on how he’s feeling) and used his abilities to talk about things that have moved him and things he’s experienced, which can clearly hear in the lyrics and also the soundscape he builds: we know from the beginning it’s a song that feels like a place we can come to let out some of our tiresome anxieties and dream about the sunshine that could be in our lives, a song about understanding that ​​without the rain, there is no ‘sunshine in our life’. 

Written by Yannick Mirko





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