Where I’m Standing Now /// Television Skies

Television Skies, made up of Ihor Shuahan with solid vocals and Paul Maczaj holding down the drums, releases a new single that was a “turning point for the band,” that reminded them that creativity can be inspired by anything, and has unlimited ways to develop.

Stemming from a long forgotten episode of a musical television show, Where I’m Standing Now started as a simple hip hop style beat that transformed into an almost-fully realized song “almost as if it had been floating in the air simply waiting to be grabbed and given life.”

With inspiration from The 1975, Twenty One Pilots, and various other punk, alternative, and indie artists, Television Skies hands us a solid piece of grungy work, with catchy lyrics to go with it: “If I try to make some so one day you will see, i’ll go from where i’m standing now, to where i’m supposed to be.”

It’s an incredibly retro-and intro-spective song in that in the same space that we dance in, we acknowledge the ever flowing and moving characteristic of life that signifies not only the beginning of our hard times, but also their inevitable ends. More life will push what worries you now further away from you, and that way, you’ll get to “where you’re standing now.”

Family and community is what Television Skies is all about, and it can be felt so deeply and clearly within the hope that spews out of this song at record breaking rates. 

Written by Yannick Mirko






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