A Moment /// Colourshop

A Moment is the latest release of UK based singer songwriter and one-man band Colourshop, a song enveloping the emotions within the exact moment two people separate from each other, into an enamoring scene where a great live band and singer give their hearts to you, and you to them. Inspired by Skinshape’s “I didn’t Know,” we’re surrounded by a mellow lofi ballad.

Similar to the timbre and full band of Iron & Wine, the soft angelic harmonies along with the wavy guitar feel, very much like we’re picnicking on a boat on the sea at sunset. Bringing this song to fruition wasn’t as vacation-like (given they had one day to record it in Italy together, lost the audio, and had to separately re-record parts in their separate homes of the UK and Italy), but the end result shows an even more impressive ability – bringing a band to life overseas and still feeling the groove and magic of music. 

“Surprisingly sometimes the distance makes us closer and helps us find ourselves to better understand what we need and who we are,” said Alfredo Salvati (Colourshop) of the experience this song captures so well. “Travel is not only a physical journey but also a mental one that brings awareness.” 

Produced by Massimiliano Ciccarelli, Colourshop’s main producer and mentor for most of his music production, you can really hear the intensity of the emotions that happen when you separate from someone you love, the bittersweet way it feels to miss them, and the longing of their return to your embrace. 

Written by Yannick Mirko





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