Who You’re Meant To Be /// Rae Radick

Rae Radick, the self-described “Lovechild of Kacey Musgraves and Keith Urban” captivates us with her fierce yet vulnerable pop rock ballad Who You’re Meant To Be, reminding us that we are “our own problem and solution.”

Starting off with soft piano and guitar (later hearing full drums giving energy and life), we’re asked to picture a city skyline, with stars where we can clear our minds and drift. It’s a song so articulate with its intention of creating a feel good environment for us to soar into a better day. We hear her voice alternate between soft falsettos that swiftly dance in our ears along with the wind, and powerful belts like thunder and lightning illuminating the sky with its electric beauty. 

The vulnerability doesn’t just display itself in the vocal and instrumental performances that keep us invested, it also shows in the lyrics the hold you in the way you needed most. “You are all you’ll ever need, be who you’re meant to be.” Combining both qualities and the fact that Rae has years of performing and international tours under her belt, we are given a star-studded performance that leaves you breathless, amazed, and ready to love yourself a little more. 

In this song she allows us to hear her struggle with themes of growth and freedom, some of the themes that come up in her writing, and allows us to take a look into her private mind, and get to know her better in a way that helps us better ourselves. If we all look in and appreciate what is there, we will see a happier tomorrow: that’s exactly what the song aims to (and successfully) makes us feel. 

Written by Yannick Mirko






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