Call Me Up /// The NGHBRS

“Call Me Up” is the latest electronic dance pop anthem from The NGHBRS, and it is an upbeat, amazing song that makes you want to dance and sing your heart out too. 

“Call Me Up” is a track about wanting someone to essentially love you back in the same way that you do. With lyrics like “I waited all this time for you thinking you would end up in my bedroom. I really thought you would come through but still never called me up”, the desire for the person and for them to want you the same as you want them. “One day we’ll go far if we keep on chasing” is another lyric that stands out and showcases how much you want that person. The song contains so many anthemic lyrics that everyone would want to hear. 

The production of this track is also outstanding. It has a very upbeat vibe to it and makes you want to go to a festival or concert. It is very euphoric and infectious especially during the drop in the chorus, and it acts as a nice counterbalance to the lyrics. It is also the perfect foundation for THE NGHBRS to showcase their superb vocals. The song concludes with “You still never call me up” resonating throughout the chorus, which perfectly encapsulates those unrequited feelings.

“Call Me Up” is a perfect track from The NGHBRS. The production is infectious, the vocals are superb, and the lyrics are tragic yet alluring. This track is excellent, and it is an outstanding comeback from The NGHBRS.

Written by Marcus Smith





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