Waiting for a Call (Your Interlude) /// Lulu Lais

Lulu Lais, a Toronto-based artist, has released their latest track, “Waiting for a Call (Your Interlude)”, which is a captivating neo-soul and r&b jam that is an ode to someone who she loves but does not love her anymore.

The lyrics on this track are bold and heart-wrenching. This track is told in Lulu Lais’ perspective of getting broken up with but still loving that person. The song starts with her singing “Waiting for a call that may never come, i wait by the phone though you say we’re done” and that is a feeling that can be felt by so many people; even though they broke up with you, you are hoping that they change their mind. It is beautiful yet tragic.

The production, melodies, and vocal performance are quite astounding as well. The production is backed by a jazzy bass and a soulful piano. It perfectly encapsulates the feelings of the lyrics, and adds on to it. Lulu Lais navigates the production masterfully and creates show stopping melodies and will leave you in awe with her vocal performance. It masterfully showcases her prowess over the song.

“Waiting for a Call (Your Interlude)” is an enthralling soulful track from Lulu Lais. It profoundly exhibits the feelings one might feel after a breakup. With the heartfelt lyrics and captivating production and vocals, Lulu Lais created a beautifully tragic song, and with it only being 2 minutes, it leaves you wanting more. 

Written by Marcus Smith

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