“PCH” is the latest euphoric track from the band K THX BYE and it is a perfect song for the end of the summer. The band K THX BYE is a trio that consists of vocalist Lyndsi Austin, producer Chris Qualls, and drummer Danny DeLeon. From the amazing lyrics and vocal performance to the vibey and nostalgic production, this track offers a beautiful modern take on a reminiscent sound.

The lyrics on this track detail love and lust, and even after a person has hurt you, you still want them. The lyrics “But you’re what i want” echo throughout the chorus and perfectly encapsulates those feelings well. The lyrics are also a perfect backbone for Lyndsi Austin’s astounding vocal performance. Her vocal performance helps take you on that journey; it is incredible. 

Apart from the lyrics and vocals, the production and percussion are also masterful. The production is very light and nostalgic, and it acts as a nice balance to the loving lyrics. The beautiful synths married with the evocative percussion creates a stunning soundscape that is nostalgic yet modern. It shows an amazing duality. This track will make you want to drive down a coast at sunset with your friends and loved ones and just feel all of the emotions that “PCH” is emitting. 

K THX BYE produced a beautiful electronic and synth pop track that summarizes the feelings of wanting someone no matter what. The vocals from Lyndsi Austin are stunning. The percussion from Danny DeLeon is astounding. The production from Chris Qualls is euphoric. “PCH” is nothing less than exceptional. 

Written by Marcus Smith





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