Sphallolaia /// Galaxy Shores

Simi Valley, California-based artist Galaxy Shores comes to us with only his third-ever single, the incredible Sphallolalia. “But maybe it’s real while we’re here, maybe we’re in love for fun…”

Leaning to the left first, keeping the strumming guitar on the left and synths on the right, it paints a picture, almost like the sounds that surround a top down car on a main street of a road in traffic, only instead of annoying construction workers, you’ve got surround sound passes to a synthy, wavy night of adventure on “borrowed time.” 

Galaxy Shores uses the spade he builds to really feel where he’s at fully. It’s not “just another song about you,” at least not when it’s sung with such vigor and clarity, with the way he belts and soars through the universe of colors and stars around the melodies he imagined and displays so magically for us.

Sphallolalia, the word for flirtatious talking that leads to nowhere, is the perfect sum up of the song’s meaning, and the button on top of a song that is truly a gift to the shelves of music collectors everywhere. “There’s nothing when you see me…why do I feel uneasy?” 

From chords from a jam session with his brother to a word-of-the-day Instagram post, the story of Sphallolalia is a curious and creative one. Using sounds and concepts inspired by Tame Impala, Jimi Hendrix, and more, Galaxy Shores turns his quarantine project of a band and transforms into a creator of art, aimed at bringing people joy. “If you can get lost in the sounds, melodies, or lyrics, and feel like you’re somewhere else, then I know I’m doing something right.”

Written by Yannick Mirko






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