Say /// Breakfast For Dinner

Breakfast for Dinner, the rockin’ indie pop band, comes to us with another four-piece banger, the good spirited two and a half minute, Say. 

With an 80’s feel that “wouldn’t be out of place on a John Hughes flick and soundtrack,” the east coasters rock us with a power that should accompany the next time you watch the classic ‘Pretty In Pink,’ to amplify the already brilliantly glistening evening. 

Very much a close neighbor to the sounds of The 1975 and Joan, Breakfast for Dinner comes through to us with an attempt at getting us ‘happy as we’re supposed to be,’ through figuring it out together, hearing what we have to say as they sing to us. Cheeky lyrics and bouncing melodies give us an easy chance to sing along, and make the song our own. Say is also a song of iconic nature, because it flips on its head in the second half; going from a synth based track, to a drum-led head pounder.

A confession of the feeling of not wanting to hold a partner back in a relationship, Say comes to us with a beautiful and vulnerable truth. “The song is vulnerable in the sense that it expresses the preference of physical closeness, but also the choice to let it go for the possibility of the other person being happier— and the unknown that comes along with that,” says the band. 

“We tracked this song in our apartment living room around 10 am during the weekend. It was one of the quickest and truest songs we have ever written.”

Written by Yannick Mirko






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