“ILYIMY” is the latest hyperpop anthem from Sad China, and it is an upbeat, amazing yet tragic song that explores the highs and lows of the Covid pandemic.

The Covid pandemic has had everyone looking introspectively and reflecting on life and our loved ones. With lyrics like “I am learning to be patient with my heart and the ones I love the most” and “I gotta feel my feelings instead of self-destructing” it perfectly encapsulates the highs and lows that people have felt during this time. “It’s been almost two years now…. When can i come over” is another lyric that stands out and showcases the time that we have lost and the need we have to be reunited with our loved ones fully and freely. 

The production of this track is also outstanding. It has a very upbeat yet sad vibe to it. It is very infectious especially as the song progresses, and it acts as a nice counterbalance to the lyrics. It is very atmospheric yet anthemic. It takes you on a wonderful journey and creates a beautiful soundscape. The song concludes with the production playing out and Sad China vocalizing beautifully. Iit is nothing short of an astounding way to end the track.

“ILYIMY” is a perfect track from Sad China. The production is infectious, the vocals are superb, and the lyrics are tragic yet alluring. This track is excellent, and it serves as the first track single from Sad China’s debut album that will be out October 22nd. 

Written by Marcus Smith

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