All The Right Ways /// Sasha Hromyk

Sasha Hromyk, a US-based artist, has released their latest track, “All The Right Ways”, which is a captivating contemporary r&b and soul jam that details the feelings of fear and how we should not be afraid of it.

The lyrics on this track are bold, beautiful, and nostalgic. Being about fear, the lyrics perfectly encapsulate the feelings of intrigue as opposed to fright. The song starts with him singing “This is gonna be the first time this has happened” which leads to lyrics like “You scare me in all the right ways” resonating through the chorus; even though it is the first time dealing with this person or situation and you might be scared, you are intrigued and want to still move forward. It is a feeling that can be felt by so many people.

The production and vocal performance are quite exceptional as well. The production is backed by a moody synth and powerful drums. It incredibly captures the feelings of the lyrics, and adds on to it. Sasha Hromyk navigates the production masterfully; he creates show stopping melodies and will leave you in awe with his vocal performance and harmonies. Being heavily influenced by Brandy and Michael Jackson, you can hear those influences especially in the intricate harmonies and vocal layers that are reminiscent of a choir.

“All The RIght Ways” is a captivating soulful track from Sasha Hromyk. It beautifully delves into the feelings of fear and how we should not be afraid of it but embrace it. With the amazing lyrics, captivating production, and astounding vocals/harmonies, Sasha Hromyk created a masterful song that leaves you wanting for more.

Written by Marcus Smith

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