No You Won’t /// Split Persona

Many sub-genres of music fade off into obscurity after their emergence onto the scene. Popularity wanes as musical trends change with time. Emo rock is no exception. Coinciding with the pop-punk explosion of the early 2000s, emo found its niche as a dark, mopey alternative on the rock scene. However, emo’s popularity has trailed off since the height of its popularity.

At emo’s peak, it was heavy, guttural and misanthropic. Enter Reno, Nevada’s Split Persona, who have released an emo-laced single, “No You Won’t.” The quartet takes the essence of emo and refines it into a well-rounded, hard rock track that maintains the sense of rage that this genre is known for. “No You Won’t” is an evolved form of emo that does not rely heavily on screamfest vocals or ultrasonic chords that bombard your ears.

At first, the downtrodden chords and lead singer Zander Hoschak’s subdued vocals set up an even keeled opening. However, that is all thrown out the window for the barrage of intense chords and raw vocals during the chorus and beyond. Pulse pounding drums add another layer of intensity to the melody. 

Throughout this track, Hoschak delivers highly emotional vocals that hit the right tone. Each defiant call of “No you won’t decide for me!” sounds right on the nose with how in your face this track feels. Those moments are more than enough to drive it all home. 

However, there are a few screamo-inspired moments sprinkled on the end of this track. These are not prolonged, primal growls of screamo tracks of yesteryear. These short lived, curdling screams are there for emphasis and are not overwhelming.

The emotional quotient of “No You Won’t” is off the charts. Split Persona does everything in their collective power to sustain that energy. As a result, this emo-inspired track delivers a hard rock edge.

Written by Travis Boyer





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