Honey&Eve are self-described as a Berlin based dark-pop duo looking for some stardust. “Is it ok” is a tune crafted in the cosmos of a cinematic universe with stellar rock revolving around orchestration that is both elegant and epic. 

The strings are pretty, but the dynamics of this piece are expansive, due to the arena-like drums and chord driven hook that allows the lead vocals to shine in a pleasant, nostalgic vocal delivery reminiscent of the 90s – before performances became auto-tuned and aesthetically ‘cool’. Honey&Eve are very much establishing their own sound and not trying to sound like anyone else. At just 3:30, the song feels a lot shorter, never falling victim to repetition or the mundane. Every section keeps your attention occupied. 

Lyrically the song captures the aftermath of relationships, walking away, while also offering ambiguity to the listener on what the track is about. The vocals are tucked in the mix with nice reverberation, allowing the voice to be textural to the overall piece that is pumping the lifeblood of the song.

Although the duo is known for their dark pop music, “Is it ok” offers a range of emotions that can suit the listening experience for a variety of scenarios. The smokey vocals are very tasteful alongside the impressive string arrangement. While many artists create formulaic songs, Honey&Eve have produced a composition of cosmic soundwaves.

If Honey&Eve are looking for some stardust, they should look within because their sound is full of life and it’s beautiful.

Written by Jon Kagan





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