The Damage is Done /// Smoke Spider

This smokey, weird, hand to mouth guitar fiesta of epiphanies is a wailing sophistication- an expectancy that fills and overflows with a hammering that floods through-

A wallop of threshing thunderstorms with a catchy, pop sensibility that is akin to the wavering odd sound of both Bauhaus and The Pixies shaken with a red, right hand of attic spaces and endless reams of dust. We listen to the songs of Smoke Spider and gravitate towards its luster, their matter of fact transitioning and cool echoing like a feral child crying out to the outermost void.  

When the tight-knit band gathers its spell of “The Damage is Done” an original single, we are set into an enormous task of immersion, into a stellar world of odd and weird, the cool and shapeless. Smoke Spider almost reminds me of the first time listening to The Pixies’ Bossanova album and falling mercilessly into a world of strange, untold stories of fancy minds promised to the night.  

“The Damage is Done” allows a nostalgic feeling that seems to be the way this new, great single becomes a piece of almost timelessness.

You’ll want to dig into the crates after you give Smoke Spider a deep, heavy listen and sift through records like Bauhaus and The Pixies for starters, then go back to Smoke Spider and stare deep into the abyss of the record, an excellent single

Written by Hari Palacio




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