Artist Interview: “Love Therapy” by Son Savage

Q: ‘Love Therapy’ is such a strong and well written song. Could you tell us the inspiration behind it?

SON SAVAGE: ‘Love Therapy’ came about during the conception of the album ‘Folie à Deux’, which translates to “Madness for Two” in French. The song deals with the essence of the album and that is the blurred line between love and insanity.

Q: You write, produce and perform all of your own music which is very impressive! What would you say your favorite part in the process of making a new song is?

SON SAVAGE: Definitely the songwriting part. It is the moment of conception, when I am able to channel music and connect to whatever higher creative energy there is out there to really break down my thoughts and emotions and put them back together in the form of a pop song. I love writing songs!

Q: How would you say living in Lebanon has influenced your music?

SON SAVAGE: Since as early as I remember, we’ve never really had more than 5 consecutive years of “stability” in Lebanon, and that energetic shift on its own gives you plenty of reason to explore yourself, your identity, and your art. I believe Lebanon plays the role of a gladiator, taunting you from time to time to get you to fight back and show your strength. That, coupled with Lebanon’s position as a gateway between Europe and the Middle East really allowed me to be exposed to songs and music from all over the world, and that has affected my musical approach immensely.

Q: You self-directed the music video for ‘Love Therapy’. What was that experience like for you?

SON SAVAGE: It was a lot easier than I would have imagined it to be. I never planned to direct this video, but the idea and the treatment sort of just came to me at once and I just started writing down everything I was thinking of. Even when I turned these ideas into visual treatments and when I figured out my cast and supporting characters, the process just felt so organic and the video sort of directed itself. It definitely woke a hidden interest in me to express not just with music, but with visuals as well. 

Q: If you could collaborate with any artist in the world, who would you choose?

SON SAVAGE: I’ve said this plenty of times in interviews, but I’ll namedrop him once more. I am obsessed with Daði Freyr, an Icelandic artist I discovered online last year. I feel like our songwriting approaches definitely compliment each other and I think it would be lots of fun to get in the studio with him. Who knows?

Q: Any parting words for your fans out there?

SON SAVAGE: Thank you to everyone who’s shared and listened, to all the supportive messages I receive. Being an independent artist, I can give my art legs, but people (friends and fans) are the ones that can make my art run. So thank you all very much.

Interviewed by Kaitlyn Westerman





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