Saganaki/ Worth /// HUI.

HUI.‘s Saganaki /Worth single is a euphoric, singer-songwriter daze of trippy, melodic indie/ alt music. We can think of Rufus Wainwright when comparing HUI.’s music to other luminary voices.

The sad, somber parade of breath is like so much dire pain being exhumed from the heart and left hanging above the hilt of stars, that gloomy guitar plucking drags us into a state of turmoil. “And I thought to myself is it really all worth it/ I’m beginning to see/ I’m beginning to be blinded/ I’ve been walking around in the garden of Eden,” there’s a paralyzing deftness in the way HUI. arranges the world around us.

The spaces like great ghosts spiraling mischievously around, in a haunting like lucid thought haplessly strung about our neck to shoulder the incoming thoughts of what we may have lost. There’s a familiar sentiment in the Saganaki / Worth single that makes us tremble-  

Those floating, sped up, flowing soundscapes, take us at the helm of a great spaceship during the midnights of our lives, and just as Saganaki is a dream-like upbeat movement of lights and fluorescent neon rock- Worth is a beautiful doldrum of spellbinding, crimson latitudes bearing the ink of the moonlight, those catchy misgivings of isolation and regret.   

There in the foundry of anima, and mind, where we keep the heart tucked away, the Saganaki/ Worth single keeps us lapping at the sea of crystalline thought particles. We are at the firmament of overwhelming, almost unquenchable emotions- listening to HUI. is a practice in opening a raw wound and sitting with its beauty. The vocals are an elongated midnight and the music a hesitant refrain of spaced-out modesty.  

Written by Hari Palacio




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