Fake Heartache /// Hannah Dorman

The release of Hannah Dorman’s “Fake Heartache” took place on November 26th in 2021. Let’s travel back in time to see what pearls are worth if one is able to show them off quite well.

Based in the United Kingdom, Hannah is not just your typical artist. For over ten years, she has been able to release music that is able to attract audiences that could hear the rhythm and the beat within her tracks. According to Hannah’s “About” on Spotify, her 2017 cover of “Human” was discovered on a playlist by Universal, which led to its inclusion on Universal’s “Acoustic Hits” album. This had peaked at number 5 in the compilation charts (spotify.com).

“Fake Heartache” represented Hannah’s respected genre of commercial pop. She was also able to influence other genres such as pop, Eurovision, rock pop, contemporary pop, and indie-pop with a hint of 80’s vibes added into the mix.

The melody was not the only noteworthy aspect of the track. Hannah has a confident and rich vocal tone as she is able to put real feelings into the lyrics. The lyrics are meaningful and deep with some amusing phrases. Instrumentally, the track has a full, rhythmic accompaniment that was able to fit the vocal track wonderfully. Throughout the entire release, both vocally and instrumentally, the performance quality was high. Overall, the track was rich and balanced, and I think it has strong potential to bop its way to the top as the blast from the past is on its side.

Written by Sherryl Citera






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