Bleeding Hearts Club /// Sunday Hunter

Sunday Hunter is an Australian singer-songwriter who blends a multitude of pop sounds to create her own mixed cocktail of audio goodness. Through Sunday’s production that’s influenced by icons such as Frank Zappa and Devo, she fuses rock and experimental electronic music, delivering her own unique sound.

“Bleeding Hearts Club” has great indie-pop sensibilities with enough surprises and variance in its songwriting while also maintaining a catchy hook that will make you want to put the song on repeat. What stands out the most is the composition that separates this song from ever sounding cliche.

Beginning with big drums that wear a reverberated snare over a synth riff, effected guitars, and a subtle organ, the song feels tribal and industrial at first. Then a melody change offers an island feel with the synth marimba dancing through the mix. You’re now transported to this unique amalgamation of sound waves. The verse plays out slightly dark, with sound design and drum programming that creates tension, but then there’s a release that brings you Sunday Hunter’s matrix.

“Bleeding Hearts Club” has a strong vocal performance throughout and Hunter has great control of her voice that matches her production’s timbre really well. The outro offers a nice taste of her different styles, adding distorted guitars and synths alongside a trap beat-like drum that renders, switching grooves to both pop and house beats at different moments. In a world oversaturated with music, the creativity is refreshing.

If you’re looking for someone with a unique voice and sound, Sunday Hunter is for you. We can’t wait to hear what else she has planned for the future.

Written by Jon Kagan






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