Create Yourself/// Justin Starling

On this modern Hip-Hop/Rap song, Justin Starling uses his flow and clever delivery to bring his message of positivity to life, and positivity within yourself. As the title says, we all, “create yourself.”

This artist catches your attention for his wordplay, and inspirational outlook on music and life. The message behind this song is that anyone can do anything they set their mind to, because we are what makes up who we are. That doesn’t mean you can’t make mistakes, it just means that we are able to grow and become something better once we have the experience to know what we want to achieve. Justin Starling wants to achieve a lot in his young music career, and that confidence is essential, because the music itself would be in danger without that confidence. 

Lots of people give up on their dreams, and that is what Starling is trying to illuminate on this song. The production was done by artist Grover Braam. The beat is catchy yet fairly simple, which sets the perfect backdrop for the rap lines Starling is performing. 

This song is introspective in concept, focusing on the individual, but also there are those outside perceptions that can always cloud others’ judgments when they don’t understand the whole picture. This track does a splendid job of blocking out that noise, so the individual has no one holding them back but themselves, those outside forces don’t have the biggest role to play of all, that role is for each of us individually. 

Written by Skylar Rogers

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