Random Lover /// Damon K. Clark

Damon K Clark is a vocalist and musician with an impressive vocal range and versatile sound. Stylistically he is able to tastefully perform R&B, Jazz, Neo-Soul, Pop, Folk, singer-songwriter, and Opera. “Random Lover” displays his strong grasp of R&B, ambience, 80s synthwave, pop, and some traces of trap with the drum programming, eventually arriving at a truly unique sound with great composition. 

Synth pads and keys create a dreamy ambiance with reverberated chords and a clean cutting drum beat where the hi-hat slices on the top end. This all provides a lot of space for Damon’s voice to carry the load for the track. It is a powerful and capturing voice that demands your attention and the production on this tune is very smart in allowing Clark’s voice to not be masked by any other frequencies.

The song’s prowess excels in its songwriting. Each section is memorable and provides momentum going into the chorus, where the apex of the dynamics and energy offers an impressive blend of anthemic and smooth. The verses and bridges about the type of lover that is a waste of time and the yearning for the right one is all delivered with great melody writing. The verses start with attitude and the bridges render to a more delicate build, arriving at the falsetto ranged hook that will make you want to sing along, whether you’re single or with a significant other.

“Random Lover” has an  ending that is a slow unravel, unwinding into a concluded time of 3:27, but due to the song’s lack of redundancy and dragged out sections, you’ll be shocked “Random Lover” was even that long.

Written by Jon Kagan






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