Evergreen /// Israel Nke

Rapper/singer Israel Nke has a unique lyrical delivery, with his flow seemingly bouncing back and forth with emphasis and swagger. This laid back beat production fits the track well, and is catchy as he raps one long verse, the song has no hook. 

Coming in at 2:04 minutes, “Evergreen” deals with the perceptions that others have on him, as well as his own thoughts on what is going on. “Eyes wide open close range” is one of the lines that seems to sum up his perspective on the world. His voice, including his accent makes the track more interesting because of the rhythm of the rhymes and his vocal inflection. This song highlights well that Israel Nke can rap at a high level, but also is an artist who is aware of their harmonic surroundings within the track. 

After leaving his family drama behind in his birthplace of Nigeria, he ended up in prison in the United Kingdom. This is where he cites that his turning point took place, and he was able to start expressing himself fully through music. Based in London, he has now put out seven songs on Spotify. 

He raps, “Dreams in action, days in detention, giving me lecture, now there’s no pressure.” He has been able to grow as a person through tough life experiences, and was able to find himself on the other side of those hardships. This transformation is inspiring, and is one reason why music can be magical, and make a real difference in people’s lives. 

Written by Skylar Rogers

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